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Waxing and Tanning

We offer waxing and tanning to get your legs (and other parts of your body) silky smooth and looking great!

One of the benefits of waxing is that hair grows back thinner.


A very effective method of temporary hair removal, we carry out all of our treatments in private rooms ensuring your modesty at all times.
When you visit for patch testing, we offer both Hot and Warm wax.
We use Warm wax on areas such as facial, forearm and leg. 
Hot wax has been specially developed for use on the bikini, underarm and for specialised waxing.
Hot wax is a more comfortable experience and will also minimise the occurance of ingrown hairs.


Lip €12
Sides of Face and Neck 


Full Leg €35 (including bikini €48)
Half Leg 
€20 (including bikini €35)
3/4 Leg 
€20 (including bikini €40)


Bikini Line 20
Brazilian Landing Strip 


aftercare for waxing


No Perfumed lotions or creams
No Make-up
No body sprays or deodorants specifically underarm
No False Tan

No tight clothing
No Nylon stockings
Avoid activities which result in perspiration
No rubbing or touching the skin

No Swimming
No Steam room or sauna
No Sunbeds or sun exposure

You may shower after waxing , a tepid shower is advisable, with no perfumed products

Side effects
Some clients may experience some mild redness as a result of waxing, this will subside after a period of time. The time will vary from client to client.
Should this redness persist you may apply a cold compress or a soothing product such as Aloe Vera.


Our tanning product contains the latest innovations in tanning technology .
With duo-self tanning agents and a light fresh fragrance to leave the skin pleasantly scented, you will have a luxuriously deep tan giving you that bronzed sun-kissed look all year round.

Full body: €45

Half body: €25

Top up: €20

prior to your appointment

Please attend for patch testing at minimum 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Please note that we cannot proceed if the skin is sunburnt, broken, just shaved or if there is any allergy present such as hives.

Please exfoliate 24/48 prior to your appointment.

Do not use deodorant.

Wear loose fitting clothing. We believe all clients should feel comfortable during tanning, for this reason. Clients may choose to have tan applied while wearing a bra, bikini, swimwear, boxer brief, regular brief. You may bring flipflops.

aftercare for tanning

Your spray tan will begin to develop after 3 hours. It will take between 8 to 12 hours
to fully develop.

While your tan is developing:

– Do not touch or rub the skin
– Avoid splashing the skin with water
– Do not immerse the hands in water
– When brushing your teeth pat the mouth dry do not drag the skin around the mouth
– Avoid any activities the would cause you to perspire

Once developed, you may shower using a sponge or wash cloth with soap or shower gel. Do not scrub at the skin. Pat the skin dry and apply moisturiser.

To prolong the life of your tan you will need to continue to moisturise daily. Do not exfoliate or use exfoilating products.

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